It was not easy for Eva to understand the seperation between content and menu. This way of publishing content is Jommla! specific and different to other systems she already knows.

Joomla has so many different possibiltys to handle content.
This is confusing for all beginners.
The structure of the menu in the backend isn’t easy to use, because there are no headlines to seperate the different topics.
This problem may have every beginner but without a visual overview it is more difficult.

If Eva wants to make an article link , she can select the article in this ajax window , afterwards she found out that this article overview is implemented as an iframe. These articles are not reachable for keyboard users , but Eva used the webformator mouse-function to mark the article and had to refresh the link select an article. Now she can check the input field and knows what kind of article is selected. The href prob again.
The other menu types caused no prob , because there are no Ajax functions like these used.

Conclusion: After a good introduction and with a little bit patience Eva was able to create different menu types.

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