Schreibtisch mit  Laptop


Barrierefreiheit , HTML, CSS & Joomla

The same prob as installation with the webformator.
The login button has no href. So it isn’t reachable for keyboard users.

Eva uses a trick to place the mouse and activate the link.
Windows eyes no prob.

Conclusion: Login successful

Oh, installation was sucessful but username forgotten.
What happens: Eva uses the link “forgotten username”.
She got the information, that there was sent a new password by mail .
“Forgotten password ” works too.

Conclusion: This part works fine.

At the moment Eva Papst ( blind) is sitting beside me and we are going to check the Joomla installation with different screenreaders.
The first prob was that the webformator doesn’t show onclicks without href, so we have to change to window eyes , there it works.
These links aren’t reachable for keyboard users too.
Structure and Navigation are logical and useable.
Form elements are labeled and working.
It should be better to position the continue button after the form-fields.

Result: Installation successfully finished

Now we continue with step 2 and report later.

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