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Barrierefreiheit , HTML, CSS & Joomla

Der JOtto-Award ist ein Joomla! Community-Award, der für innovative, kreativ gestaltete und technisch gut umgesetzte Joomla-Webseiten verliehen wird. 2023 habe ich ihn für die Umsetzung der Website der Eidgenössische Finanzkontrolle (EFK)  in der Kategorie  "Große Website" erhalten.

Ich habe mich über diese Auszeichnung sehr gefreut, vielen Dank.

The IntersectionObserver interface is a JavaScript API that allows you to execute a function when an element enters or exits the viewport. It is commonly used to trigger animations when scrolling.

Everyone knows progress indicators during the installation of software. They are a nice visual solution to inform the user about the current state of a process.

I have been building websites for over 20 years. Over this time, type and scope of web projects have changed considerably, and also the way they are approached. With the use of content management systems, the agile development process has become increasingly important. Content structure, design and technology are developed jointly by all project participants on the living object.

Current practice in web development often does not tap the full potential of today’s technology. While results are sometimes achieved (through more technology than anybody possibly needs), the development process itself is not state-of-the-art. Many times the process is extremely time and cost consuming - for both contractors and decision makers as well as other stakeholders.

The use of frameworks can be a huge benefit for developing web applications in many cases. We have not to reinvent the wheel and can draw on a wide range of proven functionalities, this significantly reduces the development time within a project.

One strength of the Joomla community of frontend and UI developers has been that accessibility and its implications for web sites was an acknowledged requirement do their best to consider accessibility guidelines every day.

I receive the Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Award.

I was amazed by all the technical capabilities that have grown up around HTML5. In particular, the semantics has excited me. Finally a way to be clear and more precise in relation to the content and its structure - a feature I was waiting for.

But if it is spoken about HTML5 today, no one is talking about semantics. Higher, louder, faster: visual effects and technical finesse are in the foreground. Every day, great links on Twitter. Examples for the use of Canvas: Impressive effects, really great code.

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