Old man sits on a stone and talks with oysters

* Angie Radtke

I invite you to get to know me and experience how professionalism, passion and fun at work can complement each other perfectly. We all have many different facets and experiences, and here are some of mine, including a few career milestones – stages on the way to becoming the professional I am today.

  • Angie Radtke
  • 1988 - 99 nurse

  • warm bathsbut less so these days!

  • Internet veteranfirst website1999

  • First German "Ich-AG" self-employed since 2000

  • Focus on people accessibility
    user experience

  • For your user advocating for best user experience

  • Good chocolate and red wine

  • Expertise Joomla contributor, Beez template, JX-team member

  • Book author & editor Barrierefreie Websites zugänglich gestalten
    Joomla Template Book

  • For your project intuitively creative

  • Project management empathic approach

  • Webstandards lover performance & code

  • Networking towards a common goal

  • Nowstill passionate, and fun as ever

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