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Perception using all my senses

Ideas, design, images, text. Time to put your plan into action. With a concept tailored just for you.

I design and build
user-friendly, accessible, fast,
sustainable & beautiful Websites.


For institutions, NGOs, clubs and associations, as well as large and small companies.

Conception & consulting

  • Project management
  • Service design
  • Target group analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Empathy-based concept development


  • Websites
  • UX design
  • Online stores, applications & apps
  • Corporate Design
  • Magazines, flyers etc.


  • Joomla - CMS
  • Static sites
  • Online stores & applications
  • Accessibility
  • SEO

Joomla & Accessibility
- true love

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I have worked on these two projects for over two decades, have been involved with Joomla since its inception, and was closely involved in bringing web accessibility to the platform.


Angie Radtke?

"She is three people in one: an accessibility specialist able to get your website through any review, a Joomla expert who could build a coffee machine out of Joomla, and a stubborn perfectionist who won't rest until the job is done right." Michael Gotzen, action medeor


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